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Exuberant milk chocolate with the fragrant bergamot citrus of Earl Grey

The fragrant citrus aroma of bergamot fits heavenly with the hearty and nutty character of Venezuelan milk chocolate. An exuberant flavor experience.

35.4% cane sugar, 27.0% cocoa butter, 20.1% milk powder, 17.5% cocoa mass (17.5% Venezuela), 3% black tea, bergamot essential oil. Cocoa content in the chocolate at least 43%.

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Delicately bittersweet and smooth, P & T’s newly launched tea chocolate is the perfect gift for tea-devotees and tea-newcomers alike. Featuring a combination of bergamot aromatic golden earl tea  with white chocolate to deliver delicious flavor, bite after bite. The chocolate from Berlin has been crafted with state-of-the-art technology and years of experience. Each bar is handcrafted with love and then carefully hand-broken, packed and shipped, delivering consistently high-quality chocolate to you and your loved ones. No additives or artificial colors are used in order to maintain the natural taste and color of the ingredients. The specially selected artisanal paper is also a sophisticated packaging that makes a perfect, elegant gift.


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