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P & T x On The Wagon Kombucha – bundle of 6


Welcome to a Brave New Earl, a reinvented earl grey with a blend of black and green tea.  Experience our best-seller in its original format and in our newest kombucha beverage, in partnership with On The Wagon.

Naturally Sparkling Fermented tea. A bold and complex favour profile that’s wickedly refreshing ! You may find a small scoby and healthy yeast in each bottle. It’s safe to consume and is actually good for you!

A bundle of 6 bottles  x 330 ml ( you can choose either 6 bottles of BNE blend or  combination of  3 bottles of Brave New Earl Blend & any 3 bottles of OTW’s Signature Blend ! )

Tasting Note
Dried apricot, citrus, blackberries, malt
Filtered Water , Raw Cane Sugar , Loose Tea Leaves P & T Brave New Earl , Live Kombucha Culture
storage at 4 C degree
0 min.
6 bottles
P & T Brave New Earl Blend
A bold favour , naturally fizzy fermented tea drinks
Blend No. 2 – Hojicha
Roasted Green Tea – Toasty, robust Notes of plum & stewed rhubarb
Blend No. 3- Jasmine
Delightfully fragrant Tropical notes of pineapple & passionfruit , Hints of floral honey
Cooler Bag
to keep the temperature during delivery & Reusable!


Want to know more about hand crafted Kombucha ? See our collaboration partner – On The Wagon click

Whether it is the taste or the healthy hit of probiotics, most of our fans like to drink kombucha every day. We certainly do too!

STORAGE Keep refrigerated! Your Kombucha is delivered cold and packaged to be perfectly ok to sit at your doorstep until evening. Just pop it into the fridge same day.

RETURN, RE-USE  Let’s work together for a more sustainable planet! Simply rinse, and deposit your empty bottles into our provided cooler bag, and return upon your next delivery! For more info, click here.

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