About Paper and Tea

Paper and Tea was founded by Jens De Gruyter, dubbed as the “Master of Tea”. The brand name stands for “Paper and Tea”, two inventions which can be traced back a thousand years to the history of the East and have made unparalleled contributions to the development of communication, creativity and culture. Each P&T tea product can be traced back to its place of origin and tea plantation, and P&T supports local farmers and sustainable farming methods around the world, believing that only by personally understanding the production stories of each farmer and tea plantation can we produce the most flavorful tea in the most environmentally friendly way.

A High quality & qualified Tea brand from Berlin, Germany. A modern sophisticated tea culture. It’s launching in hong kong & Macao in NOV 2020.

In addition, P&T has searched for tea cultures and traditional handcrafted teas from all over the world. Due to the founder Jens’ dedication to the culture of tea, from the origin and growing environment of the tea tree, to the picking, fermentation, kneading and roasting of the buds and leaves, and finally the production of white, green, oolong and black teas, P&T has created a rich variety of tea aromas, and flavors. For those who anything about tea tasting, you will learn more about each type of tea from P&T’s tea products.

The entire collection of teas is certified organic by the European Union (EU) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), providing our customers with the highest quality organic teas.

P&T’s teas are sourced from the world’s finest origins and are reinterpreted by professional tea blenders who combine different flavors of flowers, fruits, and spices to create new recipes with distinctive personalities, which are certainly appreciated. P&T collaborated with local Japanese artist Hiroko Matsushita to create a series of colorful packaging styles, bringing Berlin’s unique artistic soul and playful attitude to the design of the tea cans.

Brand Milestones

  • Established in 2011
  • Opening of the concept store in Charlottenburg in December 2012
  • Opening of Mitte in Berlin in October 2014
  • Opening of the tea bar in the department store KaDeWe in November 2019
  • June 2020 Opening of a store in Cologne, the first store outside Berlin
  • June 2020 Opening of a second store outside Hamburg and Berlin
  • P&T worldwide, including the UK (Harrods), the US (Nordstrom), Taiwan and Korea

We also provide tailor-made tea workshop with our unique tea. Contact us for more information.