Mamma Mia


Please note that each of our bouquets is unique and slightly different. We use seasonal flowers and foliage which may sometimes differ slightly from the ones pictured but will be of the same colour and texture.

For the colour of the jar is varied from transparent to amber colour. It is chosen based on the composition of your arrangement. Pplease let us know if any, your preferences on jar colour, and we will try to accommodate if the stock allows.


Choices of Flowers Colours

Fifty Shades of Greyblue, dark purple and greyMysterious, alluring, rare. This blue and grey bouquet exudes the untapped mystical romance and beauty yet to be explored.
Lady Birdpink, white, magentaModern, unconventional, impromptu. The hint of pink and white filling this flower jar is a soft reminder of how beautifully the life unfolds with her support.
The Alchemistyellow, white, beige, a hiint of orangeWhen you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” A combination of yellow and white, this bouquet reignites the passion and determination to catch your dreams.
Moulin Rougered, burgundy, a hint of whiteUnconventional, wild and free. This bright red bouquet of flowers unleashes the Bohemian gypsy at heart, living life on the adventurous edge.
Mamma Miapurple, magenta and whiteUnconditional love. This purple and white flower jar represents her love to you no matter what you do. Even when you are wrong in her eye.
All Whitewhite and greenPure and innocence. This all white and green bouquet of flowers retain our calmness in this world.
One daypale pink and whiteLife, fate, now. The hint of pink and white filling this bouquet is a soft reminder of how beautifully fragile life is.