Daily Toast N318 ( Hojicha )


A roasted Japanese green tea of stems and leaves

Tea and toast, that most beloved of pairings for tea lovers, combine here in this hearty low-caffeine brew for any time of day or night. An exception to Japan’s usual steam – processing creed, hojicha is toasted to yield robust aromas of nuts and malt, underscored with waves of fresh green. An organic Hojicha with fine quality selected by our tea master and team.

Tasting Note
toasty, roasted coffee beans, malty
Green tea (roasted)
2 tsp / 250 ml
90° C / 195° F
1st infusion 2 min.
2nd infusion 3 min.

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  1. Paper & Tea HK

    If you are looking for lower caffeinated tea . Daily toast fulfills your need with the warm toasty note.

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