Caffeine Free

Red Earl N°826


A full-flavour, caffeine-free Earl Grey based on South African Rooibos with fragrant bergamot citrus

Rooibos tea is as much appreciated for its warm, sweet, earthy aromatics, as it is for the fact that it is naturally caffeine-free and has a number of health benefits, including being a good source of anti-oxidants.

About Rooibos: To this day the unique terroir of the Cederberg area of the southern Cape is the only place on earth where the Rooibos shrub thrives.

Tasting Note
bergamot orange, caramel, woody
Rooibos bergamot orange zest bergamot oil (natural bergamot flavoring) safflowers marigold
2 tsp / 250 ml
90° C / 195° F
1st infusion 4 min.
2nd infusion 5 min.

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