Caffeine Free

Winter Punch N827


The taste of Christmas: a caffeine-free, spicy fruit tea with cinnamon & a dash of natural rum aroma

A fruit tea that takes you on a stroll through a Christmas market: This sweet and warming blend brings all your favorite winter spices as well as a splendid array of forest berries and a dash of natural rum-flavor to the table, to create an alcohol-free version of mulled wine.

Tasting Note
spiced wine, orange, forest berries
elderberries, hibiscus, ginger, citrus peels, beetroot bits, cinnamon, rose petals, black currants, strawberry bits, cloves, cardamom seeds ,natural rum flavor, cinnamon bark oil, natural clove flavour, natural cardamom flavour
1 tsp/250 ml
100 C
1st infusion 3 min.

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